Conflict Mediation Solutions is a London-based consultancy specialising in increasing the efficiency and impact of Track II diplomacy. We work in partnership with governments, international bodies, INGOs and think tanks to improve understanding of conflicts and to develop strategies, methodologies and networks to bring about lasting political solutions.



We have a global network of researchers and analysts who undertake thorough and on-ground assessments of conflict areas, looking at the macro-level drivers of conflict as well as the granular details. Our strength is identifying for mediators pathways for dialogue and reconciliation.


We design, develop and implement structured and discreet dialogues in support of peace processes. Working closely with the UN and other partners, we identify specific challenges, engage the relevant actors and build a dialogue track that serves as a useful instrument of diplomacy.


We offer expert advice and guidance on strategy formulation, stakeholder engagement, project delivery, grant management optimisation and monitoring and evaluation best practise. We aim to deliver value-for-money to donors and a successful track record for our clients.


Supporting Track I diplomacy

Inclusion of women and youth

Private sector engagement

Digital diplomacy

Environmental peacemaking

Security sector reform

Preventing violent extremism
Civil society empowerment
Engaging non-state actors

Safeguarding vulnerable people

Gender and security, justice and governance

Programme development

Stakeholder mapping

Monitoring and evaluation


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